The Whiskey Sour

John Folder from Australia—which doesn't often get the credit it deserves for giving the world the TV show, Wilfred—sent in some pictures from his evening of whiskey sours, which, apparently, preceded Australia qualifying for the World Cup.  That sounds like a great reason for more drinks if you ask me.  Also, I'm not sure if all Australian eggs come smiling, but props to either making the eggs happy or at least arranging them nicely for the picture.  


Joel formerly of where I'm formerly of, Richmond, VA, wrote in with this account here:

As the school year ends for a teacher, the summer is all about personal goals and time for reflection.  For the past two, mine has been always drawn to the kitchen to expand my repertoire but also to better myself above the microwave, bottled this and that and going out to eat for every meal (brunch? seriously, you can’t fool me).
So on the second official day of my summer, I chose to try my hand at a whiskey sour from your blog while my pizza was on the stone and had a few minutes left.
I made due with I had, considering a severe lack of cool shit that my kitchen probably needs for mixology ventures. 
I basically mixed the egg white; hand squeezed two lemons; added sugar; added a shot of Reservoir Bourbon (from a cool hour-glass thing that I actually had)
Basically a not-so-poor man’s/dude-that-needs-more-stuff-in-his-kitchen Whiskey sour that tasted better than any sour mixed drink I’ve had.  Was the egg white a bit “jizzy”? yes, but hey; I’ll get away with this (wink) for the first time.



The proper foodie word here to sub out for jizzy, would be viscous mouthfeel.  Shake the egg a bit harder next time and it'll solve the problem.  If you don't have a proper bar shaker you can use a water bottle for the dry shake part.  Anything that will really let you give it hell.