Buttermilk Biscuits

I already posted a recipe for biscuits on the blog, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a video too.  Biscuits are important after all.  Oh, and you super close watchers may notice that I changed the recipe a bit.  I lowered the amount of buttermilk from two-hundred and something grams to 180.  I think you get a better biscuit with flakier layers when it's a bit drier.  Both recipes work fine though.  So follow your heart.

Thanks a million to Matt Gromley for filming and editing this.  He has a website and is good at what he does, and I think you should hire him to do just that.  Assuming you need video work.  You probably do.

The song is called "Shitty Band" and it's by the band The Arteries, who are most definitely not a shitty band.  I didn't get permission to use it, but I'm sure they're cool with it.  I hope.