Solicited foods: Spaghetti Marinara.

Laura Walczak is the first of hopefully a lot of you who send me your foods.  She went above and beyond, with a great description of what she changed and how she adapted the recipe to what she had on hand.  And that's exactly the point.  Read a recipe, see what you have, and then make something tasty.  

Laura's foods:

You asked for it, so here goes... sending my foods. 

Definitely a lot of changing what you had down for the spaghetti marinara...

2013-06-04 19.20.10.jpg
  • Noodles: Didn't have spaghetti, had some basil garlic fettuccine from the local Flour City Pasta kicking around, and added some spinach fettuccine. Still did the soaking thing, the Flour City stuff held up much better during the soaking, I guess the spinach was too thin/wimpy? I don't think I used enough noodles overall either, it was a very excessive sauce party on my plate. 
  • Carrot: I'm a nerd and keep pre-portioned veggie purees in my freezer for occasions such as this (plus, it's fun to have a food processor day for making all of those at once. Anyway...).
  • Garlic: had one of those little jars of the minced stuff. Used it, no shame. 
  • Tomatoes: Another jar thing... had a 24 oz jar of tomato puree from the winter food share subscription kicking around, so, went with it since I didn't have the non-pureed sort of tomato handy. Definitely didn't get the nice chunky tomato texture you had but it worked and it was already on hand!
  • Wine: Didn't have the boxed stuff, so did open a bottle, and it was a (at least pretty dry) riesling... a bit more sugar to it than I'd have picked, but I don't mind drinking the rest of the bottle. 
  • I didn't pull out the immersion blender for the onions etc., since everything else in my sauce was already super smooth. 


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2013-06-04 19.47.17.jpg
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