Mexican Chorizo: The ins, the outs, the what-have-yous

Incredibly juicy on the inside, packed full of flavor from all the chiles, and with far and away the best texture of any chorizo I had ever eaten.  It had great chew without being too dense, with way more textural character than any chorizo I'd had before.  Typical chorizo tacos have one single note of chorizo that plays through the whole thing, but because the chunks held together, this one had bursts of chorizo.  

After a month straight of eating chorizo, I ate this piece like it was the first I'd ever had.  It might as well have been.

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Fresh, Homemade Pasta

Fresh pasta has a problem. The issue isn't from a dearth of recipes or a lack of people trying to teach you how to make it, those are seemingly omnipresent both online and in books, but from a flaw that forms when trying to communicate the technique through a medium it wasn't intended to be taught, i.e. anything that is not teaching in person.  The traditional Italian method for making pasta—dump a pile of flour on a counter, make a well in the center, add eggs, incorporate slowly at first, combine into a dough, etc—is all about feel, about knowing when you've added just the right amount of flour, when you've kneaded the dough just long enough.  It leans heavily on the cook's intuition because despite the rather short list of ingredients—eggs and flour— a surprisingly vast amount of variables exist that can dramatically affect the finished product.  What are some of these variables?  Well... 

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Charred Broccoli and Mustard Onions

There's no denying that I've been on a bit of a sodium citrate cheese kick as of late, it's probably my favorite ingredient of the last year, so it was only a matter of time before a grilled cheese sandwich finally made its way onto this site.  I've been eating a decent amount of grilled cheeses since I've been experimenting with citrate, but it wasn't really until this last sandwich that I felt like I got something worth mentioning here.  Its inspiration wasn't a sandwich at all, but instead a bad experience with broccoli.  

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The bean, cheese, and rice burrito of your dreams, on a fresh flour tortilla of either the same dreams or maybe different ones, I'm not really sure. Point is, you shouldn't eat right before bed.

Simple bean and cheese (and rice) burritos don't get the attention they deserve.  Overshadowed by their overstuffed meat or veggie filled compatriots, they're often neglected and under-appreciated, seen as lacking the ingredients that give all other burritos their character.  Which is a shame because simple burritos are just as enjoyable as those brimming with carnitas or asada.  In fact, that there are times when their simplicity is preferable.  In the same way that a grilled cheese sandwich is seen as its own enjoyable sandwich sub-genre rather than, let's say, a half-empty cheesesteak, a bean, cheese, and rice burrito isn't missing anything.  It's perfect.  

Or, at least, it can be perfect.  

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Skillet baked corn cakes. Maple bacon. Cheesy eggs.

If you're not on tour or backpacking or some other situation where you can't buy staple ingredients, there's absolutely no reason to buy pancake mix.  At best it saves you maybe two minutes in the kitchen, but it also completely limits you to one style of pancake and exists mostly as an extra bag of ingredients you already have in your kitchen.  And if you're like, "but I don't have these so-called staple ingredients", well then go out and buy them.  We had a pantry in our van.  You can have one in your pantry.  Be an adult.  

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Meet your new favorite taco: The Panucho

A panucho is the authentic Mexican version of the Double Decker that pre-dates its American likeness and tastes so goddamned delicious it all but necessitates profanity    It's a taco (great) built on a freshly made corn tortilla (wonderful) that has been stuffed with refried beans and then lightly fried (holy shit)!!! It has the contrasting textures that makes the Double Decker great, but all while being built from nothing but quality ingredients.  It's the best taco I've ever had.  Hands down.  

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