The Four Hour Burger

Sean made a variation of this burger than involved cooking it in an old plastic tub that formerly held Valetine's Decorations.  I know.  That's so badass.  Here's what he had to say about his process:

I didn't ground my own beef so I bought the freshest I could find. I used an old Valentines day decoration box to hold my burger in the water (I didn't have a cooler!), and I used a kitchen thermometer to measure my water temp every 10 minutes. I added hot water accordingly. I kept the temp always right over 131F, which i just over your Celsius measurement you gave on the site. 

I didn't make the pesto, aioli, cheese, or jam. 

Instead of pesto I decided to make some home made BBQ sauce. I even put a habanero in it, and it was fucking delicious.

even thought I didn't make the jam, I kept the onions in the recipe. I made some home made onion rings. One on the burger, and I ate the rest on the side.

Once my meat was done cooking, I put it on the stove for a second to give it a bit of a crust. I then threw a piece of pepper jack cheese on top, and put it all between a ciabatta bun.