Because Everything Can Be Made Into Pasta: Leftover Broccoli Soup Edition


Today I set about working on finding a good ratio to make classic homemade egg pasta for a post I'm working on in which, get this, I turn leftovers into pasta.  Because if you take nothing else away from this site, at least know that everything can be made new and exciting with a little pasta.  It's the best.  Anyway, having made said homemade pasta I needed to cook up a plate to see if it was any good.  I knew I still had some broccoli florets in my fridge and figured I'd use those, but before improving the whole thing I quickly consulted a huge Italian cookbook I have, just to see how they do broccoli and pasta.  The recipe I found said to boil the broccoli, then add it to a sauté pan with a diced onion, cook, at cream, simmer, purée, then use said purée as a sauce to coat the noodles.  That purée sounded awfully similar to the leftover broccoli soup I still had in my fridge, meaning, I already had broccoli sauce!  I heated up a half cup or so of sauce in a pan (only add enough to coat the pasta, not drown it), sautéed a few broccoli florets, then tossed those in the sauce with the cooked pasta.  I stirred it around for a minute or so with a splash of pasta cooking water, just to get everything nice and homogenous, then plated it up with a generous grating of good parm and olive oil.  It was fantastic.  

Do yourself a favor and pasta the hell out of your leftover broccoli soup.