How to read an egg carton


I buy a lot of eggs. They're tasty, incredibly versatile in the kitchen, probably healthy or whatever, but mostly just tasty. Reason enough. When I buy eggs, I do my best to try and find a balance between not spending too much and not being an asshole regarding the conditions that the chickens were raised in. Although they're about as smart as they are graceful flyers, chickens still deserve a decent life, which means that eggs from standard, cage-raised chickens are a no go for me. But despite putting a kibosh on the cruelest raising methods, I really had no idea what all the other things on an egg carton meant. Until now.

Enter, this great page from the Humane Society on how to read an egg carton. Now I understand all that's implied in the organic label and why the price differences on the different certified humane eggs I typically buy are justified. I highly recommend reading through it and deciding for yourself where both your ideal and bare minimum requirements should be.